Bi-Weekly Coaching Webinars


What is a Webinar? A Webinar is simply a seminar conducted over the internet. The Presentation can be seen online and viewers may present questions to the presenter. The audible portion of the Webinar may be heard by activating your device speakers or by way of teleconference call. They are usually short term, about 45 minutes to an hour. iCON of Success Global Bi-Weekly Coaching Webinars are one of our most efficient forms of communicating with our Members across the globe.

When we thought of providing our Financial Education Programs through Bi-Weekly Coaching Webinars, we had you in mind. We understand that after a full day of work and activity, many people are more likely to participate in a training program that they can enjoy right from the comfort of their home.

The greatest benefit to the Bi-Weekly Coaching Webinars is that they are repetitive and on-going every week. This means that you can join in at anytime, and if you miss a date don’t worry, the lessons will be repeated over and over again.

Every Financial Education product of iCON of Success Global is presented by way of Bi-Weekly Coaching Webinars, including the weekly Turnkey Training Sessions for our ambitious Independent Business Owners (IBOs).

Access Bi-Weekly Coaching Webinars and get your financial questions answered by Real Estate, Mortgage, Insurance, Tax, and Credit Restoration experts as you work towards building your Financial Freedom goals.

Technology is making it easier to communicate and share information with others all over the world. iCON of Success Global is utilizing these means to bring Success and Financial Freedom to you!

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Accelerate your growth with Weekly Coaching Webinars.

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