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Join now to learn the secret that banks DON’T want you to know.



Have you ever thought about how the owners of Banks, Financial Institutions, Fortune 500 Companies and other great enterprises got so rich? Do you think it is because they worked so hard to get there? Perhaps it was their college degrees, or maybe they just got lucky?

Obviously many of these factors influenced their outcome, but in and of themselves, they could not be the determining cause of their gigantic success. Sure they had to work hard, but more than that, they had to work “smart.” It was not their education, but their “specific education”, and it wasn’t being in the right place at the right time, but it was being “prepared” in the right place at the right time.

Although all these features play a major role in success, the owners of these companies had one more attribute that contributed to their wealth…they knew how to count!

Wealthy people are skilled at counting their own money. They are also extremely adept at counting other people’s money (OPM). They know that if they are going to get wealthy, they must access other people’s money. They use banks, assets, and even you to make their money grow. So they devote a significant amount of their time learning how to count money.

Think of all the places you spend your money. These people have already counted your money in their wealth building process. They know how money works, and they know how much money they plan to get from you. When you purchased your home, automobile, insurance or even got a student loan, did you know how to count the money you repaid over time?

“Remember, if there is someone out there that knows more about your money than you know about your money…they will own your money!!”

How much time do you spend counting money? Do you know how to count the return on your 401K, or how much you need to invest to meet your retirement goal? Or perhaps you’re like most people that simply rely on others to count it for you? It’s the equivalent of running a race and not knowing the finish line.

Taking control of your finances is one the most important thing you can do. Who counts MY MONEY™ teaches you how to count your money the way banks, financial institutions, and other corporations count your money. We use examples of specific life scenarios and experiences along with the mathematical methods of amortization tables. Without Amortization you cannot effectively invest because you have no way of measuring your success (or failure.) Choosing to be financially responsible now and making it a lifelong habit will benefit you financially for many years to come.


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