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Regardless of our age, when it comes to Financial Education we could all use some extra tips. But does it make sense to educate the adults if the children remain financially illiterate?

The responsibility of the child’s education lies with the parent. Education is subject specific, and just as you sent them to school to become a doctor, a lawyer, or a teacher, you must prepare them with the specific education to be financially successful.

Think about it, your child’s first encounter with taxes should not be when he gets his first paycheck and he discovers that he has to pay income taxes. Neither should his first lesson on debt come at the denial of a credit card loan. Likewise, he should understand banking and investing policies before he has an NSF Fee on a returned check.

We know that teaching any form of education can be a full-time job. If you are like most parents, you are trying to juggle your job and a slew of household responsibilities that all contend for your time. After a full day of work, do you seem to lack the energy to take your teenager through the financial school of hard knocks?

Don’t worry. We can help! That is why we created the Successful Youth Program. Our Program teaches Youth a wide range of financial literacy needed to succeed in life.

An iCON OF SUCCESS Bronze Membership provides an Online Specialty Program for Youth that teaches:

  • Mama’s Money
  • Business owner vs. Employee choices
  • Generating multiple streams of income
  • Tax laws and dealing with Uncle Sam
  • Managing household expenses
  • Maintaining good credit
  • Living debt free
  • Banking & investing

Plus Annual Youth Summer Camp of Live Seminars!

Become an iCON OF SUCCESS Gold Member and receive the Successful Youth Video Lessons available to your youth immediately!


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