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Join now to get exclusive access to our financial training library.


You can achieve your financial freedom goals faster and easier when you have a Wealth Mentality. Every wealthy person who ever achieved Wealth had to develop mental toughness for success. They had to learn to be resilient, overcome rejection, and remove all belief barriers that block wealth creation.

iCON of Success provides a simple 5-Step Financial System to help you reach your Financial Freedom goals. While these steps are simple, they are not necessarily easy.

Often the difference between success and failure can be measured through your mentality and actions taken when things get rough.

Have you ever been so consumed by financial struggles that you were unable to focus long enough to finish? Do you find yourself becoming discouraged or slipping back into a state of procrastination?

You are not alone. The secret to building wealth is having and acting on the right mindset! Millions of people look for wealth building solutions every day, but before you can build wealth you must first prepare your mind to achieve it. There is an old adage, “If you can believe it, you can achieve it!”

You do have the ability to learn the habits that will make way for your success. iCON of Success facilitates this process by providing a full library of coaching sessions to help you get on the right wealth track with the right wealth mentality!

With a solid Wealth Mentality, you can:

  • Heighten your sense of ambition!
  • Foster Wealth building thoughts and behavior!
  • Have the Vision of a master financial strategist!
  • Think outside the box and to take advantage of Wealth creation opportunities!
  • Structure your lifestyle to preserve Wealth for many generations to come.


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