iCON Live Seminars

iCON of Success Global Live Seminars are a phenomenal way of learning the iCON 5-Step Financial System™ and more. Although our financial education programs can be enjoyed in many different learning styles, many find our Live Seminars most exciting.

The Live Seminars offer accelerated and condensed teaching on our financial education courses. While some Members are comfortable with learning at a slower pace, others are motivated to get to their wealth knowledge as fast as they can. Some Members use the power of combining our online learning tools, Weekly Coaching Webinars, and the Live Seminars to reach their wealth creation goals quickly.

Live Seminars are available in every major iCON of Success Global Program and may be accessed based upon the Membership Plan you purchase.

The Live Seminars are conducted in various cities all over the United States. 1-to-2 Live Seminars are hosted each month according to a prescheduled date and time.

If a seminar is not available near your city or general area, options to attending a Live Seminar include accessing them via Internet Stream (when available), or by the recordings placed on your Membership website.

Featured Live Seminar of the month is: How to Think like the Wealthy Think

Click on the picture below to register. Seminar Date is Saturday, April 22, 2017!