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We are more than a Financial Education Academy we coach you all the way to Financial Freedom with our 7 Powerful Tools to include:

Our Flagship Product
The 5-Steps to Wealth Financial System!


  • Credit For Success System
  • iCON Mind
  • iCON Wealth Strategies
  • iCON Library of Financial Literacy
  • Who Counts MY Money
  • Success Youth Program

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Financial Freedom with our 7 Powerful Tools

iCON of Success is the premiere online Financial Coaching Academy offering live personalized coaching, weekly conference calls and an array of financial educational tools in every learning style.  Enjoy all our membership benefits with the Ultimate Gold Membership.

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iCON of Success is the premiere online
Live Personalized Coaching

OUR WEALTH BUILDING PERSONALIZED COACHES will answer your questions and give you directions in the area of all the products and services offered by iCON of Success Global Academy. If you need coaching beyond products and services offered by iCON of Success Global Academy, you will need to inquire about our Specialty Coaching.

Experience these great benefits with an iCON of Success Global Personalized Coach:

  • Receive an assigned coach.
  • Coaches are available by Conference Calls 5 Days a Week.
  • Coaches are available by text or email.
  • Coaches are available a variety of business hours and some are available on weekends.
Specialty Coaches may coach

Our Specialty Coaches may provide extended coaching services in the areas of:

    • Mortgage Purchases
    • Real Estate Investments
    • Rental Properties
    • Real Estate Contracts
    • Business Contracts
    • IRS Documentations, Deductions and Filings
    • 401k’s, 457, 403b, TSP, SIMPLE, SEPS, KEOGHS, etc.
    • Insurance Plans

Contact one of our Specialty Coaches for a free initial Consultation Now! Call (704) 806-0502.


Traveling around the world and retiring as a First Class Petty Officer in the US Navy after 20 years, I thought I had learned and achieved it all, until iCON OF SUCCESS gave me a new meaning to Success. First of all, my whole thought pattern about money and wealth has been transformed. Secondly, my credit scores skyrocketed after I applied the Credit for Success lessons to my credit report. Finally, I increased my income, significantly reduced my taxes, paid off high interest credit card debt and established investment properties. Learning and applying the iCON OF SUCCESS 5-Step Financial System was a pinnacle change in my life!

Darrell B

Darrell B

Charlotte, NC

Since being a Member of iCON OF SUCCESS I have paid off my home in 5 years, 8 months and 7 days, and I have zero balance on all 3 major credit cards.

Masie R

Masie R

Charlotte, NC

My life was in a total mess. I was broke, busted, and disgusted, my finances were tore up from the floor up, and I had a bad credit score. I was stressed to the point that I felt like I was drowning in a flood of financial poverty and the water was now up to my neck. My Pastor had announced that our church was hosting a presentation about finances but feeling that my situation was beyond help, I wasn’t interested. I couldn’t afford to pay another credit repair company, so I just decided that I would be a victim of bankruptcy.

I later decided to go listen to the presentation in hope there would be something I would hear that may help me, after all, I do believe in miracles. So, I climbed up on top of the house just as my financial flood was about to take me under, and that evening just like a helicopter, iCON OF SUCCESS came to my rescue. Two years later, I am an iCON OF SUCCESS business owner. I am ten thousand dollars light of the debt that was drowning me and I am very glad I chose to get on board.

Brenda W

Brenda W

Gastonia, NC