iCash Manager

It also works as a strategist

Financial knowledge can be great! But what benefit is knowledge if it can’t be applied to your specific goals. The iCON of Success Global iCash Manger is a phenomenal tool to help you measure your success as you apply each step of the 5-Step Financial System.

This is an online cash-flow management system that will track your business income and expense records. It’s a perfect tool for home-based, small and growing businesses. Use your smart phone picture application to record, organize and store your tax deductible receipts online. You will never have to worry about paper receipts again. The tool allows you to create multiple businesses in one account.

Financial knowledge can be great!

It also works as a strategist to help you create short term and long term personal and business goals. If you don’t know how to determine how much money you will need to retire or to meet your particular objective – the strategist can set your numbers for you. Just answer a few questions about your goals and instantly the strategist sets you a detailed plan!

iCash Manger allows you to create and evaluate your retirement plans. You may change your plans at often as you like. Just revise your numbers and submit, and your new plan appears. Step-four helps you set in place your debt freedom date and shows you exactly how much money you have created at the end of your debt free phase.

The System will count your investment dollars, show you how long it takes to reach a particular investment amount and tell you exactly what the payment will be on the “new home” you plan to purchase this year!

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