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Did you know there is no law requiring bad credit to be reported, the credit bureaus do it to make money? Did you know a negative credit report gives creditors the legal right to discriminate against you? Did you know that all credit reports have 70% of errors on them? One negative item could keep you from getting a loan.

These days you need good credit for just about everything, buying a car or new home, refinancing a mortgage or getting a new job. Building a good credit file is not easy. But who can you turn to for help? Who can you trust?

You no longer have to suffer the embarrassment of being turned down for a loan. Contrary to all you have ever heard about credit correction, repair or restoration, the process is really a simple and easy task. With more than 70% of all credit reports having errors of some kind on them, and the possibility of some errors occurring on your credit file now and in the future, it would behoove you to equip yourself with the proper tools and information you need to repair and correct your own credit file as necessary!

Our proven System and Credit for Success™ Program has helped our Members improve their borrowing power and save thousands of dollars by re-establishing their good credit!

The truth be told, there is nothing an attorney, a credit repair organization or a credit repair professional can do for you that you cannot do for yourself.

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